blue milkmaid skirt

I used a blue sateen remnant found for cheap to try out the milkmaid skirt pattern. I’ve been eyeballing this tutorial since last year and bought fabric to make it months ago but wanted to try it out with this blue fabric first. I’m glad I did!

There was just enough remnant fabric to make the body of the skirt so I had to find other fabric for the pockets and the waistband. I tried to used the printed pieces I’d cut out of the skirt for the backs of the pockets, but it didn’t work out.


I did a thick zig-zag stitch along the curve to attach the printed fabric to the twill without it fraying. I liked the way the zig-zag looks on the back side too (since I sewed the fabric to the wrong side of the twill), but I messed up the opposite pocket so I had to go with plain white.

I made like a zillion cutting/sewing/ironing(!)/fabric mistakes throughout this process so I went with white twill for the pockets since I was already using that fabric for the waistband. I backed the white twill with white broadcloth since it was a shade see-through.


I think I would have liked the white pockets better if the waistband was the same printed fabric as the body of the skirt. Luckily, most people won’t see the waistband since it will be covered by a shirt.


I’m okay with how the skirt turned out. I really like the fabric and it is comfortable, but there are several things I would modify if I made the skirt again. My pockets feel a bit narrow; I hemmed six inches off the bottom from my original measurements; I miscalculated the seam allowance on the waistband and didn’t get to sew it on the way I wanted; and I gave up out of frustration near the end and didn’t finish the insides as neatly as I would have otherwise. I was definitely over this skirt last night when I finished it, but today I think it might grow on me.

I wanted to complete my skirt for Skirt Week and I only found out it was Skirt Week on Monday, so I’m happy that it’s done in time and off my to-do list. The pieces had been sitting on my shelves cut out for the past few weeks.


I haven’t been finding many of my skirts wearable lately (including the gathered waist ones I wore every day last summer); I put them on, try to assemble an outfit, and go with pants or shorts instead. I’m hoping some new tops will bring back my fondness for the skirts I liked so much in 2012.

I also haven’t felt great about clothes I’ve been sewing for myself recently, most of which haven’t appeared here yet. However, I am quite pleased with the things I’ve sewed for small people and other non-clothing items I’ve made. Hopefully my sewing mojo will carry over soon to making clothes for me that I’ll actually like and wear.


5 thoughts on “blue milkmaid skirt

  1. handmadebymrsh says:

    I like it with a white waistband and pockets, brightens it up! I saw it on the Flickr group and didn’t even bother to check who’s posted it as I flicked through thinking, ooh, that’s nice and summery.
    I’m glad you got it done for skirt week, it’s a real kick up the backside having just one week!! I’m lucky that I can dip in and out of my day job when I like so I had time to do some sewing this week!

  2. I love milkmaid skirts! That’s such a pretty fabric for one. It’s a tight squeeze with a remnant–I’ve made a couple of them with just-under-a-yard remnants and just barely eked it out. I like your idea of the contrast waistband! You could also do a contrast band at the hem to get a skirt out of an even smaller remnant.

  3. I love it with the contrast pockets and waistband! It looks like a design choice to me 🙂
    Glad to find another last-minute skirt-maker!

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