stuffed owl

No taxidermy here, just a fabric owl full of stuffing.

I made this owl to be a bib when I was making baby bibs to send to China as part of Craft Hope. Then I didn’t have any extra bias tape and I didn’t want to cover up the topstitching on the edge of the wing.

I’d already cut out the front and the back pieces so I just put them in a bag with other fabric for a few months.


I was going back through the bag to look for something when I came across the owl pieces. It seemed a shame to not finish something so close to being done, so I came up with the brilliant idea of making a simple stuffed animal by sewing the front and back together.


pre-stuffing. I still lost the wing top-stitching, but that was unavoidable.

When I went back to the tutorial where I got the pattern from, I realized the owl was originally a stuffed owl and the blogger had modified it to be a bib. So much for my brilliant idea!


It still came out cute though and I’m happy with how all the bright and neon elements came together. Plus the felt details should be more functional for a stuffed animal than for a bib. Hope Emma likes it!

p.s. Next time I’ll move my eyes down because the seam allowance to sew the top closed was very small!


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