crochet bear and the arrival of Henry Davis

My grandmother gave me this teddy bear kit when I was visiting her over Easter and I knew I wanted to make it for the nephew.


I finished the bear in one day, working on it during nap time at work and for a couple hours in the evening. The bear is worked all in one piece from left to right and then seamed together.

I crocheted the whole bear instead of knitting it. I tried to knit his scarf but it didn’t turn out well so I ended up just crocheting that too.


It looked so much better after adding the face. It was kind of funny to have a whole ball of black yarn in the kit when you’re only using a tiny bit to stitch on a face.


I overstuffed the tummy area a bit and considered making a shirt for the bear to camouflage that trouble spot.

crochetbear03ABut the scarf gave him a nice slimming effect.

I know lots of people who have had stuffed animals from when they were born, myself included. I wanted the nephew to have one handmade by me. That said, I hope this stands the test of time. It seems pretty sturdy?

I am pleased to announce that the nephew has arrived. His name is Henry Davis and he’s a tiny bundle of awesome. The boyfriend and I are hooked. This baby’s got some excellent parents and grandparents, and a cool aunt and uncle to boot! He should be set for life 🙂


this pic is now my desktop, btw. l to r: boyfriend + HD, HD, me + HD.

With my family all over the place, and the little ones I sew for living hours away, I’m so looking forward to having a tiny person in my life who lives just minutes down the road. As soon as I saw him in person I thought of a million more things I wanted to sew for him immediately. (And also, bizarrely, understood wanting to monogram something for perhaps the first time in my life.)

Is my blog going to go all ga-ga for baby boys? Maybe a little. But I also just finished up and sent off a bunch of little girl clothes to Emma for her belated second birthday present so I’ll try to keep a balance (cause I already have at least two more projects I’m making for her). Plus, ya know, all the stuff I want to sew for me. I’m planning myself a busy summer, eh?


2 thoughts on “crochet bear and the arrival of Henry Davis

  1. handmadebymrsh says:

    He is so cute!!! Plus, stuffing doesn’t stay so pouffey after a long time so he’ll still be solid even when the baby is 10 and wants to use him as a football 🙂

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