aztec wallet

I’ve been searching for both a new wallet and a southwest/aztec style piece. I thought I was going to find a southwest/aztec sweater this winter but came up empty.

I almost bought this wallet at Target a few months ago, but was distracted by shoddy stitching and second-guessed the fabrics. I just didn’t like it as much as I’d thought.

Then I found this simple turquoise and yellow pattern in Kathy’s mom’s stash and knew I’d found my new wallet.


I’ve been browsing (free) wallet tutorials for a long time, so I had it narrowed down. I almost started making this tutorial when I found a similar one from very purple person. I’d made a couple of bags using a tutorial from her before so I went with the pattern writer I was familiar with. I converted all the centimeters to inches and it went smoothly from there. I think the main difference between the two tutorials is the binding on the sides, but I would like to try the first one sometime.

Overall it came out well.


I put in my first magnetic snap with ease thanks to this recent Noodlehead step-by-step tutorial.


It’s a bit bulky compared to the thin wallet. Oh well. I originally bought them for a purse project is unmade as of yet.

I used another vintage zipper from the same stash for the interior pocket.


This pattern gives you a pop of contrast from the lining fabric.


Here’s the full view of the interior. There’s a lined zipper pocket with another pocket behind it on one side, and six card holders with a pocket behind them on the other side.


This project was done almost all in one sitting. I didn’t get the binding right on the first go-round so I put it down for awhile and picked it up, seam ripped, resewed, and finished it a few hours later. It was a very satisfying morning of work. The money saved by not buying the Target wallet wasn’t significant (it only cost $13), but I like the one I made better. It’s simpler in design and cost $0.

The best part was when I showed the boyfriend. He was impressed and commented that I could make just about anything. I recently completed a backpack for me (which still needs photographed before it can appear), so if I can just get a bit better about making my own clothes I should have a lot of bases covered!


3 thoughts on “aztec wallet

  1. handmadebymrsh says:

    Good work Sarah!! I’ve made a few wallets recently but I’m still on the hunt for my perfect wallet. I’m really trying to not have to draft my own pattern but suspect I’m so fussy I will end up with that as the only option!

    • I’m in the same place with a sewing machine cover. I know exactly what I want so if I want to be happy with it I’ll have to draft it, but I’m dragging my feet because I am reluctant to do the math…

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