manly mom jeans to capris

Remember the baggy, saggy, manly mom jeans from my yard sale post awhile back?


I’d like to reintroduce you.


I cropped them and took them in a few inches around each leg.

First, I cut the extra fabric off the bottoms off the legs, then flipped the pants inside out and pinned like I’ve done before. I removed an even amount from the front and the back to start, then took an extra inch away from the back. (The back of the pants is larger than the front and I was taking so much fabric out that the seams wouldn’t have been on the sides anymore.) I had to go all the way up the leg and take them in starting just below the pocket because they were so loose everywhere except the waist.

mom jean caprisA

The mom jeans were a good quality denim, but the fabric was thick and had no stretch. I took these in gradually because I knew if I made them too tight I wouldn’t be able to move. This meant a few cautious cycles of pinning, sewing, and checking before they were where I wanted them.

Once I had the legs adjusted to my satisfaction, I turned up the ends twice and stitched the cuffs in place.

momjeancapris06AThey might not pass as store-bought if subjected to a close examination, but I like them and think they turned out quite well. I took them out for a test drive over Memorial Day weekend and they passed with flying colors.

mom jean defectsA

I’m not crazy about the mom jean back pocket placement and there’s a noticeable difference between the front and back at the sides because I took out so much fabric. I was going to sandpaper them a bit on the side seams to even out the distressing, but Lowe’s has very overpriced sandpaper.

I’ve really been liking the look of Gap’s skimmer jeans this season, but I just saved myself $69.45 by making something comparable. (Though if I do find those skimmer jeans for $20 at the end of season and they look good on, I might have to buy them.)

Regardless of how they compare to summery store-bought jeans, they are way better looking than they were when I first found them.

b&a mom jeans frontA

As far as the other items from that yard sale post, I’ve made a bit of progress.


The purple shirt to tee will be done eventually, but it’s down the list. The denim shirt is being overhauled and probably getting a new back and new pockets now; I’ve started to tear it apart at the seams. The striped white floaty blouse was taken in and is hanging in the closet as is the blue tank, which I decided to leave alone. The Soffe shorts are near the top of the list, but I need a good strategy to take them in. And last but not least, I removed the elastic from the sleep shorts but decided to use them as fabric, and 1/4 of the shorts is now a very cute bib that will be blogged soon. (I always think of Samantha when I do these list style updates now. ;))

And I’m wearing the lightweight denim shorts from the post right now (with my plaid tiny pocket tank) and they are so comfortable.

I’ve been sewing like a fiend this last week/end, and have a number of other blog posts ready to go once the recipients receive their gifts. Lots to come this summer! It’s been quite productive so far.


2 thoughts on “manly mom jeans to capris

  1. handmadebymrsh says:

    ha ha! I’m flattered…I think 🙂

    I’m so disappointed that you made those jeans into slim fitting capris *sniggers*, ok, I’m joking, they look 10,000% better! You must have great imagination to be able to see how good they’ll be when you are browsing. I never seem to have that foresight. I hope you get to wear them often 😀

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