Oliver + S bucket hats

Recently I’ve been cleaning out my downloaded patterns on my computer and organizing the patterns I’ve printed out over the last year or two into a binder. I found a number of baby and child patterns and have started putting them to use. I’d printed this Oliver + S bucket hat pattern and wanted to make a hat for the boyfriend’s nephew and decided to make one for little Emma (now 2!) while I was at it.

For the first hat I used yellow gingham and a thicker blue mystery yard sale fabric. It’s the same combo I used for the matching baby shoes.

baby bucket hatA

I went with the no hand sewing method and it came out pretty well. I used a fairly thick interfacing for the brim and it’s not very floppy so I hope it looks okay on a head. I’m looking forward to seeing it on the baby (who should be here in the next few weeks!).

I used a floppier interfacing for the brim of Emma’s hat and decided I didn’t mind a bit of hand sewing. I almost wished I had gone with machine sewing about halfway around the brim since it seemed to take forever, but both ways have their advantages and disadvantages.


Both the green and purple fabrics are remnants. The green fabric previously made an appearance as a nursing cover.

emma bucket hatA

Emma’s hat will be sent off once I’ve gotten the rest of her post-birthday package together. So far I’ve made two tops, cut out a dress, and might throw in a pair of shorts to boot. Sewing for little ones is just too much fun!


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