sweater (vest) bag

I made another sweater bag for Amanda, this time out of a sweater vest I found in her Goodwill donations months and months ago. I’ve had it finished for awhile but didn’t get a chance to give it to her until this week. It was her birthday a few days ago so it all worked out. 🙂

I used the same tutorial I’ve used many times before. (See my previous creations in purple, yellow and green.)

I hacked apart the shirt before I’d thought through was I was going to do with it; a sweater bag once again prevailed.


I did remember to take a picture before I started chopping.

The vest had a deep v-neck so it made a fairly shallow bag.


I turned a bit of extra fabric into a pocket for the inside.


And used black satin for the lining.


The handles were originally made for the purple sweater bag before I found a lighter lining for it. I’ve been holding on to them until another bag came along that needed them. I used black fleece for the insides of the handles and black broadcloth for the outsides.

So this is the fifth sweater tote I’ve made so far. I don’t have any more sweaters in my possession, so if I do make another one it won’t be soon. I’m still on a pretty big tote kick, so look for more (not made out of sweaters) this summer!


3 thoughts on “sweater (vest) bag

  1. Ah well, you don’t need jumpers for a little while cos it’s summer soon..by the time autumn comes you can buy more jumpers to make more jumper bags 😀

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