Rally for Roma hats and scarves

I used a bunch of smaller balls of scrap yarn to crochet hats for Craft Hope’s Project 21: Rally for Roma. Stash busting and charity crafting, two of my favorite things 🙂


I first paired up my balls of yarn the way I thought I would use them, but ended up switching around many of the colors as I worked.


I used a beanie pattern from a project where crocheters made hats for Sandy Hook students. It seemed fitting with the spirit of the charity project and was exactly what I was looking for: something simple that would allow me to make stripes with my scrap yarn without looking messy or unintentional.

I used leftover Homespun yarn from my mom’s afghan to make a sixth hat for Romania using the Einstein Hat pattern.


Then I remembered some fleece I had in my stash and made three scarves to add to the package. I just sewed two long rectangles together around the edges, turned them inside out, and topstitched.


So here’s how my package for Rally for Roma ended up.


I passed the goods along to my mom to send off. She’s still trying to get some blankets to them before the deadline.


One thought on “Rally for Roma hats and scarves

  1. Thanks so much for sending your items! The people that I work with in Romania through Another Child Foundation will love them. Your mom can have a few extra days to send the blankets if she needs to! 🙂

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