baby boat shoes and pants

I’ve started making baby things for the boyfriend’s nephew and I can’t stop. I found this pattern for baby boat shoes and had them done two days later.


before the toe piece and detail stitching


I frogged my failed array cowl and used some of the yarn for these shoes.

I realized later that the toe piece is supposed to be sewn on top (not in line with) the front of the shoe so mine look a little less like real boat shoes. I think the detailing helps you tell what they are supposed to be.

I had to read the directions carefully at times, especially when I was doing the flaps for the ties, but it’s a great pattern. I’d definitely recommend it.

I also made a couple pairs of baby pants from some fabric that my mom’s friend gave me. (Yay for more boy appropriate fabric!)


I used Rae’s Basic Newborn Pant pattern and tutorial and the pants were done quickly. I chose lightweight fabrics for summer; I think they’ll go great with a onesie and be a quick summer outfit that still provides coverage from the sun.

He’s supposed to be arriving in just under a month!


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