jeans mending

The last post was about adding a zipper to jeans. This one is about saving a pair that have been with you for awhile.

I think holes from years of friction only happen to jeans without spandex in them. This pair is my go to comfy weekend pair and has been for the last few years. They didn’t have holes but they were wearing thin, so I took some preventative measures before these jeans became awkward to wear.


I followed Suzannah’s tutorial and put interfacing on the inside then stitched over all of it to hold the interfacing in place. I used blue thread for less visible stitches and a triple stitch on my sewing machine so I wouldn’t have to sew back and forth as much. I think I even have mending stitches on my machine, but I stuck with what I knew this time.


close-up of side one. I started with white thread but it stood out too much.


close-up of the second hole. The blue stitching really blends in.

A simple fix. I was worried that the interfacing would be uncomfortable, but I used the recommended kind and it’s comfy. I wore these jeans most of last weekend and didn’t even think about the repaired area. I’m still being quite productive offline, making more baby clothes for the boyfriend’s nephew and summer stuff for Emma, so those things should be appearing soon.


2 thoughts on “jeans mending

  1. Beautiful mending job! 🙂
    Btw, I only buy jeans with spandex and they still get worn spots…I’ve always thought they get holes faster than non-stretchy denim, but IDK…

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