zipper jeans

I’ve had these zipper jeans on the brain since a friend posted the idea on my Facebook wall months ago. After seeing another version on Dindin Does… I knew I had to try it.

I ordered these hot pink brass zippers from zipit zippers on Etsy. I picked the brass so it would go with the yellow stitching on the jeans and look cohesive. The jeans were $3 at Goodwill; they fit well in the waist and I liked the pocket style. They were originally bootcut at the bottom, but I made them skinnies while adding the zippers.


I had to do a little fiddling with the fit. Initially, the zippers wanted to stick out at the top giving the jeans a weird point on the side of the calf. A little tweaking and they were where I wanted them to be.


I wore them unzipped part way for a little ventilation on a warmer day.


And zipped down all the way on a cooler one.

I’m not sure what the best footwear is for zippered skinny jeans. I’m not totally sold on either of these pairs of shoes with them, but I have been enjoying my new jeans and got a few compliments on them at work.


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