hats and scarves and mitts

Here’s a wrap-up of the rest of the winter wear I’ve made in winters past.


in bloom cap with self-designed bobble stitch fingerless gloves, I Love This Yarn! acrylic


self-designed reverse single crochet hat and mitts in Lion Brand Homespun (I used a pattern but it turned out nothing like it was supposed to, so I made up a better version.)


waffle stitch scarf and self-designed waffle stitch mitts


self-designed bobble stitch hat with ribbed edging and ribbed mitts, yarn from Vermont courtesy of my wonderful mother


single crochet/double crochet scarf and self-designed headband


extreme close-up of Lion Brand Hometown USA in Cambridge Tweed, love the colors

I made up patterns for several of the coordinating items. For the fingerless gloves, I just made a rectangle using the same stitch style as the hat/scarf and then sewed up the sides leaving a hole for the thumb; I added a few details to the red pair. I made the headband just like the scarf but smaller and sewed the short ends together.

I already know I want a white scarf for next year, probably in Hometown USA because it’s thick and works up nicely. But since summer is coming I’ve put away my fingerless gloves and scarves and crocheted some hats for Craft Hope’s Rally for Roma and baby items for the boyfriend’s nephew. They’ll be coming soon to a blog near you!


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