baby shoes

My boyfriend will be an uncle in a few short months. The baby shower for his sister was last weekend and though I wasn’t able to go, I realized it was about time to get started on the baby items I’d planned to make.

Here are the first two: a tie bib like I’ve made before and some cloth shoes.


The shoes were a bit challenging, probably because I improvised on some of the directions. I used heavyweight interfacing and 1/4″ elastic instead of 1/8″ which made it harder for the back of the shoes to scrunch up. You can see a little bit of the felt I used for the sole in the photo above. I covered the bottom of the sole with the same fabric as the outer part.

My pattern came from here, but download it you will need the new link here.


Overall I liked the shoes, but working on something that tiny was a bit trying. I don’t see myself making baby shoes nearly as often as I’ve been making bibs.

The parents-to-be haven’t received part three yet, so I’ll save that for a later post. I have other grand plans to make things for this future nephew, but we’ll see how many of those plans become reality in the next few months. 🙂


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