twenty-five cent Saturday

Last Saturday I got 10 pieces of fabric for about $5 at one stop, but didn’t find any clothing. This weekend I didn’t find any fabric, but I did get twelve pieces of clothing at one stop for $3.

The weather wasn’t supposed to be good so there weren’t as many listings this weekend. I narrowed my internet choices to three sales because I didn’t want to drive all over town. Of course, I did find several other sales along my route.

I shopped in an upscale part of town so the prices were a bit higher than I preferred. I picked up only one item at each of my first four sales.

This tiny orange pot was in the free box so $0.00! (That price was okay ;))


This black and blue striped Forever 21 sweater was a costly $3. I reasoned that I would’ve bought it if I found it at Goodwill (where tops are $3), so I went for it. It’s me in sweater form, as I used to say with my high school friends. If I had a “uniform” this would be part of it. 25centys01A Interesting note: the seller was wearing a t-shirt and black nylons. Not leggings and a tunic-length shirt mind you, just a tee and some pantyhose. That’s a new one on me.

The next sale sounded great on Craiglist, but lacked excitement in person. I did find this scarf and handed over $2 for it.


who can resist chevrons and rainbow colors? not me!

Then I realized I’d spent half of my budget on TWO items. Yikes!

My next stop was at a house where the owners must have had or acquired the contents of a consignment store. Lots of display pieces and racks of clothes. I found these shiny zipper leggings by Miley Cyrus/Max Azria with the tags still on. I was feeling adventurous, and if they don’t work out I paid $1 for two zippers. zipperleggingsA I tried them on with the long black and blue sweater when I got home, but I think I’ll leave that pants-less look to shirt and tights girl.

I got these jeans for $0.50 from another upset seller. (See last week’s story.) Several ladies were going in together to have a sale and the lady I was checking out with asked the wrong person for a price. In their current state they are hideous mom jeans requiring a serious refashion so $0.50 was really all I was willing to pay. But the seller had obviously wanted more than two quarters and was having a “discussion” with the lady who sold them to me as I was walking away.


these are possibly more manly than mommy. there’s no shape and they’re not flattering in the least. I’m hoping I can make them cute for summer.

I hit a few more sales with no success and was ready to head home when I found a sale I’d seen a sign for that was hidden away in a neighborhood. This place looked junky. There were several cardboard boxes in the driveway and not much else. While I was sifting through the boxes, I saw several cars drive by slowly and leave without stopping.

But looks can be deceiving and I’d hit a honey hole, as the pickers call it. I delighted in brand name pieces at a quarter a pop after a morning of $3 tablecloths and $5 shirts. I limited myself to 12 pieces, plus a towel and a glass (not pictured). Here’s what I got.


This first group will be worn as is. Clockwise from top left: long cream colored cardigan, black and gray sweater vest, Target brand white pullover top (perfect for the beach though I won’t be going anytime soon), lightweight denim shorts, and American Eagle gray eyelet skirt.

There wasn’t a size in the shorts but based my yard sale/thrift store experience I guessed that they would fit and they do!

The next group will be modified or refashioned: purple men’s XL shirt to a regular women’s tee; denim shirt will get lace pockets; American Eagle woven top needs to go from tent-like to fitted, Target tank needs shorter straps and a better fit, the Soffe shorts will be taken down to size, and the sleep shorts will most likely get some new elastic. 25centys09A Yes, I know I need another pair of sleep shorts like I need a hole in the head. Pair #7 baby! The red color and sailboats with navy button and ribbon accents were just too cute to resist for $0.25. I would like to mention that I left at least four other pairs of sleep shorts in the box for other shoppers.

So that was the haul from Saturday. It felt like a lot of refashioning when I brought it all home, but now it seems manageable.

I got a lot of crafting done last week too; I finished my brother’s apron, worked on a wearable muslin for a basic tee, made some baby items for the boyfriend’s soon-to-be nephew, and crocheted six hats to go along with my fleece scarves for Craft Hope. I’ve been quite productive offline lately, but haven’t gotten around to documenting/blogging my projects yet. Hopefully you’ll see a thing or two this week.


4 thoughts on “twenty-five cent Saturday

    • Thanks, there was a definite treasure hunter’s adrenaline rush that kicked in at the last sale. lol.

      I’ve been wondering if yard sales are an American thing. I guess they are?

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