more sleep shorts

I’d been meaning to make myself another pair of sleep shorts for awhile. I’ve made three pairs so far and only one really fit. (The other two pairs were passed along to my cousin.) I looked up the tutorial again and cut up some thrift store fabric to give it another try. I think this fabric used to be some curtains since a couple pieces of fabric were sewn together and there appeared to be a curtain rod pocket.

I left a very generous amount around the top and sides while using a pair of sleep shorts I already have for a pattern. I cut the back longer than the front this time for a better fit. I also remembered to cut the waistband straight at the top so I could fold it over easily.


I tried them on before I hemmed them and added the waistband. They fit!

They were a bit wide at the bottom, but other than that they fit. I’ll probably make my next pair narrower and a bit longer. I also wrote down the dimensions of the shorts as I made them so I’ll have something to go off of next time.


The finished shorts! The knit elastic waistband is nice and comfy.

The lightweight fabric will be great for the warm weather we’re starting to get and the pastel stripes mean I’ll be on trend even as I sleep!

It will probably be awhile before I make another pair of sleep shorts I now have six (!) pairs after picking up two more pairs at a yard sale a couple weekends ago. But I am glad that I was able to conquer the tutorial and finally make a pair that fit well without modifications.


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