fabric yard sale saturday and coming soon

I didn’t intend to go to yard sales this weekend; I was going to sleep in and enjoy having nothing to do. But Friday night I checked on Craigslist and found a garage sale mapping site that led me to a list of sales in my area. I made a list of the ones that looked good in my area, but still thought I’d be sleeping in. However, I woke up early (without setting an alarm) and got going to find some bargains.

The first two were busts. The third one was interesting. Yard sales can bring out family disputes and my third stop of the day was quite a display.

Fabric was listed in the sale ad, but the husband’s guns and knives were more prominently displayed when I arrived. He said the fabric was still in the house so he let me and a couple other customers into the basement to go through his wife’s fabric closet. I dug through the massive stash, most of which was unorganized, uninteresting scraps, and found a few nice items. The wife, who was apparently elsewhere at the time, got upset about a few old cases being brought out by another customer and stalked in the house shortly after I emerged from the basement. The husband had been waiting on his wife to give me a price, but after she left he just told me two dollars for the bag. I paid and got out of there quickly.


there’s a good amount of yardage of the paisley (I’m thinking possibly a Laurel?); the small bit of animal print should be enough for a zipper pouch; home dec weight yellow and white, nice for a summer bag; the blue lightweight chambray-like fabric could become my first button down shirt.


three pieces of gingham print laminated fabric. I want to make myself a lunch bag when I find some Insul-Bright.

I paid $0.25 for a sweater at the fourth sale. It is a nice sweater but it turns out that it was a men’s size so it won’t be with me for long.


The fifth stop was a definite success. The location looked questionable at first, but I found a couple boxes of fabric, dug in, and cleaned up.


clockwise from top left: black with red, white, and yellow daisies; vintage panel print; a colorful plaid sheet, that I see as a future circle skirt; blue and green flowers for a spring top; polyester stripes for another Laurel (in my imagination at least); light flowy white flowers on blue for another spring/summery top.


This fabric would make the cutest four-patch quilt.

I’ve been looking for Aztec/ethnic prints at Goodwill and yard sales since I can’t seem to find current pieces I like in stores. I found a table runner last weekend, and a camera strap and an embroidered piece of fabric about the size of a napkin this weekend.

So in total at the fifth stop, I got ten pieces of fabric, an embroidered Aztec design, and a cool camera strap all for $5. This may have been my best stop in Kentucky so far.

After a few more busts, I got a large glass Golden Harvest canister for $0.50 to go along with my medium sized canister, currently holding flour. I also picked up a delicious homemade cupcake for the same price at my last stop of the day.

I’d wanted to go shopping this weekend; my impromptu yard sale adventure scratched that itch and I only spent $8.25. I have so many cute new spring and summer tops, if I would just sew them up. I’m trying to sew a lot more lately because I want to make clothes and use my stash instead of growing my stash and then going out and spending money on new clothes.

This last week I have cut out patterns for a number of tops, cut out and started on an apron for my brother, completed a wearable muslin for a cardigan and ordered fabric for another cardigan, finished two scallop totes, sewed three fleeces scarves for Craft Hope’s Project 21, made another sweater bag, and worn my new zipper jeans out in public. Of course all these projects will be showing up on the blog once they are properly photographed 🙂


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