camera strap cover

There are a million camera strap cover tutorials out there, but I chose this one as my starting point and then changed it up to make use of the supplies I had.

Remember my post about how I ignored seam allowances for a long time when I was making up my projects? Shortly after writing that post, I did it again. In an effort to get the most out of my fabric leftovers, I cut the fabric for the strap cover too narrow and was forced to improvise with some single fold bias tape.


After that fudge-up, I disregarded most of the tutorial except for the measurements. I used a single piece of fabric and eliminated the batting. I finished the narrow ends of the fabric, sewed the single fold bias tape on one side, folded it over and topstitched the sides together, then slid it over my strap.

It was a very quick project, though my results could have been better. The strap is a bit too short and the bias tape sticks out on one side since the other side is just a fold with no topstitching.


I’d planned to make another camera strap soon after this somewhat lacking project, but this one is functional and has been growing on me for the last few weeks. It was especially useful when I took it to visit my family and it was very easy to distinguish my camera from the others in the pile of DSLRs in my grandparents’ living room. “Hey, can you hand me my camera?” is heard quite often at our family get-togethers and my colorful, easily spotted strap made getting my camera much quicker. 🙂

I used to shun fancy camera straps as a working professional in a male-dominated field. Now that my camera is used more for blogging instead of out on assignment, I don’t care how it looks with a fun, funky strap cover. There are lots of great tutorials out there (and it’s a quick project requiring minimal fabric), so try it out!


2 thoughts on “camera strap cover

  1. handmadebymrsh says:

    I suspect it won’t be long before you’re persuaded into making one for each of your relatives cameras soon! This is super fun and bright, it looks great!

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