more yard sale success

I keep finding myself out running errands on Saturday morning and spotting yard sale signs. I saw a few on my way to training for work yesterday morning and stopped back by when I was done. I got to know the area a little better while trying to follow the signs to the sales and driving around in circles a few times, but managed to make it to three sales.

I spent three dollars less than the $10 bill I had and came away with several good things.

My first stop was at the house of an older lady who had some vintage linens. I picked up two pillowcases and a flat sheet for $0.25 a piece.

threestop_ys01AI also got this $1 flannel shirt, possibly for the boyfriend, or for me to wear around the house or refashion. The $0.25 wire basket is to use for this idea from Pinterest.

Total spent at first sale: $2


My next stop had a ton of stuff and I picked up a bunch of things, but put several back because I didn’t need to bring that many random things home.


However, I still ended up with a number of random things. A notepad, two books, a glass carafe (perhaps my favorite find), a Frisbee to take to the park with the boyfriend, some stickers, and a world map.

Total at second yard sale = $2.50

The last stop was an indoor church sale. The church members told me it was pretty picked over by the time I got there, but I still managed to find a few things.


I got a yellow merino wool sweater, a detailed table runner, a pajama set with “good night” script, and a pair of PJ shorts that have tiny cat faces and “the cat’s pajamas” written on them for $2.25 all together. The lady gave me a great deal because I had calculated it to be $5.50 based on the prices listed on the signs. Whatever doesn’t work out as is will be good for refashioning.

They had a great little box with different inlaid rocks, but I left it behind because I didn’t have the cash and I was trying to stick with only buying useful things instead of the pretty things that catch my eye but serve no real purpose.

Total for third yard sale: $2.25

Total for all three yard sales: $6.75

I enjoyed getting to know a new part of town, found some cute things, and kept it under budget. All in all a successful Saturday. I’m just glad my training got out in time for me to make it to a few sales!

I still miss the Alabama yard sale crew and their amazing coordination that enabled us to hit a dozen+ yard sales on any given Saturday, but I might not do too badly finding some yard sales on my own in Kentucky. I’ve certainly had better luck and found better deals at yard sales than at thrift stores here.


One thought on “more yard sale success

  1. handmadebymrsh says:

    I love that pin, great work on finding a basket to use…I’ve got it in the back of my mind to look for one but I was in IKEA yesterday (45 mins away) and completely forgot. Oh well, there’s plenty other things for me to do in the meanwhile 🙂

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