crochet mug cozies

I’ve developed a bit of an addiction to making mug cozies. My favorite pattern currently is from Bubblegirl and I’ve made it six times now. This project is great for using up smaller bits of stash yarn and featuring some solo buttons from my collection. I’ve been adding the cozies to packages for my friends as a fun extra.


This one went to Crystal along with her dress.


This cotton one went to my former roomie Kendra.


This one went to my Sweet Pouch Swap partner.


This one is just for me. 🙂


This one was for my Covert Robin recipient.


And this last one was for my friend Natalie. She’s an Alabama fan (Roll Tide!) so I used some red wool yarn leftover from my brother’s striped hat.

Since winter is on the retreat, those are the last ones I’m planning to make for awhile.

The other variation I tried was a coffee bracelet; it used a linked stitch which I’d never tried before, but really liked. I later used that stitch tutorial to make a linked stitch scarf for my Covert Robin partner.


This one was a birthday present for my co-worker who really likes Starbucks.

I probably would have made more of these sleeve style cozies, but not knowing if people use more mugs or handleless cups I chose the side of mugs. I did try to make this pattern again with the red wool, but it turned out a lot smaller than it should have and I reverted to my default pattern.

My friend Crystal sent me picture of her cozy in action the other day. I guess the mug cozies can work as sleeves too!


cute mug too!

I also tried this cabled coffee sleeve with no success. Mine didn’t look at all like the picture several rows in so I frogged it and will try again later. I also want to try this knitted mug cozy but my size eight needles were occupied by the diva scarf and I was scared off by the previous knitted cozy failure.

There’s supposed to be a storm coming through and it’s bringing a cold front, so warm beverages in mugs (with a mug cozy on, of course!) might be in order for tomorrow!


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