poppin’ some tags

I hadn’t been in Goodwill for quite some time, but I stopped by during my spring break to see what there was to see. I’ve been setting myself a $10 limit which means three items of clothing per trip. I’ve also been focusing on items that need little or no work to be wearable since I have bags of clothes waiting for an overhaul sitting around. I have found a few good brand name items recently, but nothing super exciting and nothing like the hauls I used to get in Alabama.

This time I stayed under budget with just two $3 items.

This sweater was missing the label, but writing on the side tag and the quality of the fabric make me think it’s from Banana Republic or somewhere similar.


This print is part zig-zag, part animal.


I debated about this purse. In the end, the excellent condition inside and out and uniqueness of the item won me over. The label says it was made in the Philippines.

It reminds me of the wicker chairs on my grandmother’s back deck growing up and it will be a fun bag for summer. Even the checkout guy said it looked cool!


Now that the weather is finally warming up and I’m realizing that a big chunk of what I wore last summer is super boring, I might be headed over to Goodwill a little more often. Or I can head to my stash under the bed and get going with that refashioning. 😉


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