covert robin 2013: the making

Remember my Sweet Pouch Swap partner, Samantha? Well it just so happens that she was assigned to be my partner for Covert Robin 2013. When I first got the e-mail I wondered, “Is this somehow against the rules?” but since she’d had me instead of the other way around I went with it.

I’d been crocheting many random things to use up my yarn stash and sent a number of these her way when they turned out nicely.

linkedstitchscarfAIgnore the weird eye squint in this photo. I made up this scarf pattern using linked treble stitches, Lion Brand Homespun yarn and a P hook. I love how it turned out and will definitely be buying some more yarn to make one of these scarves for me.


I made this shell stitch hat with yarn I unraveled from the last of the purple cotton turtleneck seen previously as a baga hat, and a Kindle case. I used this shell stitch hat pattern and originally intended it for a newborn baby. No way it would fit a baby (except maybe as a shirt, I don’t know what the heck I did wrong) so I proceeded to make it adult sized.

I made yet another mug cozy from my go-to pattern, but switched it up by doing the border in a contrasting color. I added a button from my stash and voila!


The last project was a headband that drew inspiration from the braided crochet cable bracelet I recently completed. It turned out a bit boho hippie chic but it’s wide enough to keep ears warm.


This was the wild card of the bunch, so my apologies Samantha… Maybe I’ll try this again in a different yarn? Or scrap the whole idea…

But I didn’t feel too bad pawning off my yarn stash busting projects on my swap partner because a) I hoped she’d like at least a few of them, b) I knew she could appreciate the work that went into making them, and c) I had a trump card. I went out and bought BRAND NEW fabric to make an apron SPECIFICALLY for her.

Covert Robin was an excellent reason to make an apron from my vintage 70s pattern. I purchased it last summer at a thrift store and have been looking for the perfect occasion to bust it out.


I chose view three, opted out of the egg cup/tall mug applique, and picked out some fun pink and purple fabric with my mom when she was in town. (My partner had mentioned that she liked those colors when her last swap partner used them in the pouch swap.)

My pattern pieces were already cut out by its previous owner. I was very careful to align the flowers on all straight edges since the pattern of the fabric is very horizontal.


pattern matching and straight lines! this fabric makes me so happy.


vintage pattern conquered!

The directions were straight forward, the illustrations were great, and the apron came together quickly and easily, even with some meticulous matching and aligning. I’ll be looking for an opportunity to use this pattern again!

So here’s the craftiness all together, ready to be mailed out. And I even found a yard sale with fabric on my way back from dropping the package at the post office. Thanks karma 🙂


Because I prefer full aprons, I didn’t think this half apron with a giant front pocket would have a practical use and made it simply because it looked fun. But Samantha said she’d be using it for her “pegs”(which I assuming are clothespins?) and it seems like it would be great for that!

I was glad to “return the favor” to my previous swap partner and have really enjoyed keeping in touch with her since the Sweet Pouch Swap. Yay online sewing blogger community!


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