covert robin received!

As noted in my last post, my Covert Robin package was waiting for me when I got back from my trip. I was excited, but before ripping into it I grabbed the camera to document for blogland.

Jackson had been seriously sniffing the package while I was gone, so the boyfriend thought it contained food.


no food here, kitten.

The first thing I pulled out was a card with some rockin’ spectacles.


The note explained that I was now in possession of a photographer-themed box!

The first item for the theme was a newsboy hat. I’ve always wanted one of these, but they looked awkward when I would try them on in the store. This one fit well and the colors were very me. (Note to future swap partners, make me something in any shade of blue and I’ll love it!)


My swap partner, Barb over at bypenorbythread, and I have the same taste in buttons. The button she chose for the hat is the same as the buttons I used on the blue jacket I made last spring.


I put the hat on to take some photos and kept it on the rest of the evening. It’s perfect!


photographer themed items in action

The fingerless gloves were the next item in the package.


I love the shell detailing, and the color of course.


The last item is a felt-lined accessories bag. It actually fits my new camera with lens, a battery charger, and maybe even my flash. After constantly throwing my camera in tote bags with other random stuff last weekend, it’s definitely something I will use.


fun fabric (with not just one, but two shades of blue)


Thank you Barb! You were a great partner!


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