living a crafty life

I spent Easter weekend with my mom’s family. Over the course of my visit, I realized that craftiness is getting into all aspects of my life.

I stopped at the library to pick out an audiobook for my 14 hour round trip drive and came across Miss Scarlet’s School of Patternless Sewing. There were so many aspects of the book, including blogging, that I found relatable to my everyday life. And it was good entertainment on the drive, even if it was a bit chick lit-y.

During my visit, I gave my cousin the denim bag I embellished for her, showed off my tie bibs (and other projects) on my blog, and started the second of my pair of crochet socks.

My grandmother offered me this teddy bear crochet/knit kit she had, which I gladly accepted. The bear is made all in one piece so it should be interesting to figure out.


I also found some new patterns in her vast collection.


I like the leg design on these socks.


I definitely want to make this afghan someday.

I took advantage of another visit with my mom and talked her into going to a local Richmond fabric store with me. I’d definitely recommend Quilting Adventures to anyone who is in the area. They had a friendly staff and a good selection of fabric. Their classroom area made me wish I lived closer!

I found fabric for my sewing machine cover and picked up some fat quarters for smaller projects. It was nice to see in person some of the fabrics I’ve been pinning in my imaginary online fabric shopping adventures and get an idea of the color and scale of the patterns. (Though Hawthorne Threads lists the size of pattern elements and the length of the horizontal pattern repeat on some of the fabrics in their online shop which is invaluable!)


Clockwise from top left: Rivoli Geo in turquoise and black, “Keep Calm” by Timeless Treasures (my mom found this for my sewing machine cover and it is too perfect!), a Japanese import fat quarter I couldn’t leave behind, Valentina, On a String in Aqua for the sewing machine cover’s reverse side, and some bright chevrons for a new summer wallet.


I fell hard for the colors and design of this Japanese import fat quarter.

I wanted to stop at Couture by LK Design too, but they were closed for the day before we made it there. I took it as a sign I needed to make the clothing items I already have fabric for first.

I also helped my grandmother navigate the laptop she got a few months ago and made sure to bookmark my blog while I was showing her a few things, like how to use Ravelry and how to print out an online pattern (for a cute scrap heart afghan).

On the drive back, I stopped at Tamarack but will save the details and pictures for another post.

But my next post will be about the mail I had on my return.


Get excited people! I’ll be sharing both what I received in my Covert Robin package and what I made for my partner (who has received hers!) soon!


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