baby bibs for Bama

Shortly after I posted pictures of the baby bibs I made for Craft Hope on my Facebook page, I got a message from my friend Natalie. She wanted a few bibs for gifts for her co-workers who are expecting little ones in the next few months. One of my resolutions for this year is to stop procrastinating (and I’ve been doing pretty well) so I got going on those bibs. For two little boys, I made two tie bibs and one bandana bib as Natalie had requested.

My first bib was pretty similar to the tie bib I made for Craft Hope. I used a lighter blue felt for the tie and another part of my brother’s old shirt for the background. The back was navy like the first version.


When I went to make my second tie bib, I realized my stash is short on “boy” fabrics. I’ve seen a lot of sewing for boys lately that uses nontraditional fabrics, but didn’t want to take that risk when sewing for someone I don’t know. I did have a yellow gingham in my stash and paired it with a navy tie to make it definitively boyish.


I bought this polka dot fabric several months ago specifically because I didn’t have much any boy fabric. Not that this fabric is specifically for boys, because the first project I used it on was a bag for my friend Amanda. I made it more definitively boy by not using it as a purse lining (haha) and putting it with a brown remnant.


The fabric I had left wasn’t wide enough to cut out a 13″ square so I ended up making a smaller bib with 11″ squares. I didn’t have a baby to test it on, but the opening seemed reasonably wide.

And then I sent them off to Natalie. I added a red mug cozy (Roll Tide!) just to make the package more fun for her.


gratuitous cat appearance

So at some point this summer, a couple of brand new little boys in Alabama might be wearing bibs I made! Nice.


9 thoughts on “baby bibs for Bama

  1. Lisa Ludlow says:

    so this is what I’m thinking. Hit the thrift store and buy some men’s shirts and you will have about all the “boy” bib material that you could want or need! What an adorable pattern and thanks for the inspiration. Sometimes it is hard to do “cute” for boys without it looking a little to “cute”. 🙂

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