Kentucky yard sale #2

I headed to the post office Saturday to mail my Covert Robin package. I was glad to get it done and out of the house since it has to be mailed by Friday. On the way to my next errand (the fabric store), I spotted a yard sale sign. The next sign I saw had the hours on it, and there were still several left before they were supposed to be closing up shop. Of course I had to check it out.

I’ve been to just one yard sale since I moved to Kentucky, and only because I happened to spot it on the way to a friend’s house. I had just as much luck at this spontaneous stop.


There weren’t too many items at the sale by the time I got there, but the first things I looked at were the linens. I picked up three pillowcases and a clean cream colored flat sheet. These could be some more pillowcase aprons, and a little girl’s pillowcase dress made from the navy one would have a great contrast hem. There were a number of other colorful sheets there, but I picked only soft, good quality fabrics out of the box.


I’m fairly certain I only bought this fuzzy navy Nautica blanket because I was thinking of the soft gray fleece blanket I bought at my last yard sale.  Gray and blue is one of my go-to color combinations. My mom banned me from buying any more blue or gray clothes at one point in middle school because that was all I had. (In high school I switched to a more colorful style, but even now there’s a lot of gray in my winter wardrobe.) I tried it out after putting it through the wash and it’s nice and cozy for the winter weather we’re still experiencing.

The book was a last minute toss onto the pile. I read Jon Krakauer’s Into Thin Air (though it took me many months to get through it) because my brother is an aspiring mountaineer and I wanted to get some insight into climbing, plus I found it at a yard sale for cheap. Hopefully this book will go more quickly once I decide to get into it.


My favorite find at this yard sale was the fabric box. I’ve spent hours over the last couple of weeks virtual fabric shopping, but I behaved and didn’t buy anything because I know there are so many things I should make first. However, I couldn’t pass up the limited availability and super cheap price of the yard sale box o’ fabric. Since there were so many home dec fabrics, I originally thought the fabric box was a box of napkins and table runners. I’m glad I stopped and took a second look!

Clockwise from top left: ~ one yard of home dec weight greek key fabric (it looks to be this fabric here), a tiny bit of silky cream and butterscotch plaid, a narrow piece of seagull (!) quilting cotton, two yards of worn blue stripes on cream canvas, and two yards of blue and white seersucker. I’m thinking the seersucker will be a summer top and/or baby clothes for the nephew the boyfriend and I are expecting this summer.

I was glad to get a bit of the yard sale spirit back this weekend and got all my finds for a total of seven dollars. (I might have been able to get the pile for less, but a fellow shopper was nickel and diming the sellers and I didn’t want to be that person.) I still haven’t found thrift stores here that I like as much as the ones in my old town, so it was nice to find the sort of things I was looking for at the sale I happened upon randomly. I did make it to the fabric store after my yard sale success to pick up some machine quilting thread. Cross your fingers for my first machine quilting project! I’m trying not to psych myself out about it.

*After seeing posts on Adventures in Dressmaking and Not Dressed as Lamb, I’ve recently started making all my photos the same size. Have you noticed the difference? I used to be afraid of large photos; I can’t believe how tiny my blog photos were when I first started blogging!


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