blue and gray array

I have a few posts ready for this week, but since there’s snow swirling around outside I’m picking the cowl I finished several weeks ago, but just got around to photographing.

I was on a roll with my knitting mid-winter when I decided to take on the Array cowl. For some reason I interpreted the picture as being more of a grid stitch than straight up and down lines, so I was a bit surprised after the first few rows. Also, I initially read the pattern at k 1, s 11 instead of sl 1 because of the font used in the PDF and was very confused until I realized there was no way the project could work out like that.

It was a mindless project to work on. Mistakes were easy to spot, but make sure you slip your stitches purl-wise with your yarn in the back!

The project notes on Ravelry I found to be true. The fabric is dense, the cowl curls at the bottom even after blocking, and the project does take forever because of the slip stitches (and I only cast on 160 because I didn’t have long enough needles to hold 320!).


Unfortunately, I didn’t read the notes on this particular cowl until I was about halfway done. She notes that 160 stitches is too big for a single wrap, but not big enough to go around twice. Which is exactly what I found when my cowl was done.


before blocking

Oh well, I thought, I’ll just block it and see how it looks.


It looks even bigger and still rolls up at the bottom.

So this project will almost certainly be frogged at some point. I liked these colors together (Vanna’s Choice in Linen and Colonial Blue), but this thing is massive and kind of eh. And I didn’t like the way the colors looked together as skinny stripes. Maybe more of a colorblocked look would work?


this picture, despite being blurry, perhaps best shows just how much it is swallowing my neck and head.

The shape in that last picture reminds me of Purl Bee’s bandana cowl. Maybe some of this yarn will become that instead.

I did like the concept and could see myself making it again with some adjustments. I learned some new knitting skills and felt like I did well with the pattern, even if I didn’t like the end result.


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