denim bag update

My last post about my denim projects from high school reminded me that my denim bag still needed to be repaired. It sat on my “projects to work on” shelf for awhile until I decided it wasn’t going to happen and put it back in the stash. When I wanted to photograph it for the last post, I didn’t even know where it was.


After digging it out of the stash, I decided there’s no time like the present to fix the purse like I’d intended. I developed my repair strategy and had the purse done that evening.

The hole was in an awkward place below the pocket. I think I was trying to seam rip and cut through the fabric. There was also fraying spot by the strap on top of the bag and the bottom edge of the flap was no longer sewn down. I knew hand sewing was going to be the way to go because there was only one visible line of stitching on the inside of the bag.


L to R: pocket hole, strap fraying, and flapping flap

I added a strip of the ribbon I used on Emma’s pillowcase dress from last summer to cover the hole and add some personality to the bag. Then I hand sewed the loose flap and tucked in the fraying bit on top and sewed the bag closed over it. I used tiny whipstitches to attach the ribbon since I couldn’t reach in the bottom of the bag with my machine.


I like the bag, but it’s a bit small and the top doesn’t close which isn’t ideal for me. I’ll be passing it along to my cousin; I think the style will work out well better for someone her age.


4 thoughts on “denim bag update

  1. It’s a cute one though. I had a stash of denim jeans that I thrifted before and no longer wear so I finally got to making it into a denim blanket for my son. And oh, about the poncho that I thrifted, I ended up selling it to someone because as much as I loved it, it wasn’t flattering on me. It was sad, but it had to go.

    • I’ve seen a lot of denim blankets around, but don’t have the stash to make one of my own (yet). I can see it would be hard to pull off a poncho. I’ve never tried one on, but they aren’t a very flattering shape.

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