pleated zipper pouches for She’s Worth It

My latest charity sewing endeavor is for She’s Worth It, a project that helps fight human trafficking and slavery. I read this blog post over on The Train to Crazy and knew immediately that I wanted to participate. (The campaign deals with an intense subject. If you want to find out more, visit the blog I just mentioned for all the details.)

I went back through some of the pouch ideas I’d pinned for the Sweet Pouch Swap and picked this pleated pouch tutorial from Charm Stitch. I really liked the shape and putting in the zipper seemed fairly simple. I went through my stash and got out some of the home dec weight fabrics I had leftover from other projects to make a couple of zipper pouches for the campaign.

My first one used fabric leftover from my sister-in-law’s birthday tote.


I like the placement of the flower on this side of the bag.


I wasn’t as happy with this flower because of where it fell in relation to the pleat.

The first try turned out pretty well. I had to go in about 6/8″ on the top of the pouch to meet the ends of the zipper so there wouldn’t be any gaps on the sides and trimmed the extra seam allowance so it wouldn’t bunch up.

The second pouch is made from a favorite fabric in my stash. I used it to make two Christmas presents previously: my sister-in-law’s gardening apron and this bag that was my friend Lindsay’s Christmas present. It made a great pouch and I still love this fabric.


I went back and added an orange ribbon zipper pull to the first pouch too.

After making these two pouches, I decided to make one for myself to go with my zig-zag sling tote. I’ve had a beautiful peacock blue vintage metal zipper in my stash and it was time to put it to use.


I added some blue topstitching to tie the color of the zipper into the pouch.


Blue zipper, blue stitching, and blue lining. This color might just be my favorite shade blue.


The finished pouch.

I wasn’t totally sure how the zig-zags would work with the pleats, but after it was done I thought it looked okay.

So that’s all for part one of the items I’m sending to the She’s Worth It campaign. Stay tuned for part two!


4 thoughts on “pleated zipper pouches for She’s Worth It

    • Thanks for the follow! When I first saw zipper pouches everywhere I couldn’t think of a good use for them. Now I’m addicted and usually have several in my purse at any given time.

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