knit snake dress to new dress

I talked about the snake dress I turned into a skirt in this post back around Thanksgiving. After I made the skirt, I had the top of the dress left over. It still wasn’t flattering on me, so I got an idea to turn it into a dress for my friend Crystal. She has a different body shape and I thought it could work for her.


I bought fabric over Thanksgiving to make the skirt of the dress. It sat on my shelf for several months until a few weeks ago when I changed my mind and bought different fabric for the bottom. This was one of those projects that is in the back of your mind forever and then takes you less than an hour once you sit down and do it (and you feel kind of foolish that you waited so long to work on it).

I had two slinky black fabrics for the skirt (an outer fabric and a lining) and wanted to avoid an uneven, fraying disaster so I came up with an alternative to hemming. I sewed the two fabrics together along the sides creating a lining tube and an outer fabric tube. Then I lined the tubes up right sides together with the selvedge at the top and sewed them together at the bottom. I made sure to cut the lining piece a few inches shorter than the outer fabric so the lining wouldn’t be visible and it would hang a bit like a bubble hem.

After sewing up the skirt of the dress, I attached the top and the two selvedge ends of the skirt (after I turned it right side out) to a thick piece of black elastic at the waist. And voila! a new dress for my friend.


Like most of my projects where I go with my intuition instead of a tutorial, it didn’t turn out exactly how I thought it would. I’d intended the skirt to be a bit shorter and have some more width. I was a bit nervous sending it off because it’s the first real piece of clothing I’ve made for an adult who isn’t myself and I didn’t have Crystal nearby to check measurements or style or anything.

The good news is she liked it! She didn’t think it looked like a crazy crafty homemade mess, and since I’d at least gotten her waist measurement it fit fairly well! (Usually she has to take in the waist on RTW dresses.) I did recommend wearing it with a belt since there were several rows of stitching on the elastic waist and it got a little wonky in places, but other than that it should work.

She said it would be good to wear to her office in spring and it looks like a “power dress” with black heels. I was so excited and relieved that the project I’d been envisioning since last fall turned out and she didn’t think I was crazy for making/sending it. 😀


customer appreciation photo from Crystal. her husband thought the dress looked store bought!


6 thoughts on “knit snake dress to new dress

  1. That is adorable! Nice job! Thanks for sharing the procrastination bit. I’m glad I’m not the only one who does that. I can totally relate to putting things off and then realizing they weren’t that big of a deal or didn’t take as long as you thought! Take care!

  2. That’s so cool that you made an outfit for someone else. It’s something I would really love to do but I’m chicken about botching it…or like you said, they think it looks like a crazy homemade craft. Good job!!

    • I didn’t even tell Crystal I was making her a dress before I sent it because I was scared of rejection (or of it turning out badly and me never sending it)!

      She had mentioned a bit before this that I should make her a dress, which encouraged me to finally do it. She also recently started sewing so I knew she’d be understanding of a homemade garment 🙂

  3. jasperizer says:

    i like the refashion! It turned out a bit too long for my taste, but it is way better than the before picture!

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