fan afghan and diva scarf

My parents came to see me this weekend and I was finally able to give my mom the fan afghan I made for her. I worked on it a lot over Christmas time, but wasn’t able to complete it when I was visiting them over the holidays. I did finish it a few weeks later and it’s been sitting in my closet since then waiting for her visit.

Here’s the last one of the 59 fan motifs I made. This project took quite a bit of time, but my mom is worth it 🙂


That tiny ball of yellow yarn is all I had leftover after making that last fan. It was close!


All my motifs put together.


The finished project! It was nice to see the afghan come together in rows after carrying around all those individual fans for so long.

And I started another project for my mom a few weeks ago using the turquoise/lime green/purple/white color combination I’ve used before in my market bag, pom pom garlands, and moon water clutch.

I’m trying to reduce my yarn stash and these colors have been lingering. I got rid of quite a bit of the white, blue, and green, but had to buy a new skein of purple to finish the scarf…


I was a bit enthusiastic when I first started knitting and printed out a number of projects that were beyond my skill level at the time. I found this diva scarf when I was looking through them and knew the pattern would be great for using the four colors together as stripes.


I like the diva scarf pattern a lot and was glad I finally decided to make it. My mom wanted a two yard long scarf so it didn’t work up very quickly, but it wasn’t too hard either. I’d really gotten into the groove by the last few stripes and will almost miss working this pattern. I still like these colors together and the scarf will look good with her new white coat.

Since I finished this scarf, I’m free to start my next knitting and crocheting projects. I already know what I want to do and just need to get going. I’ve also got some zipper pouches cut out for She’s Worth It that I’ll be working on this week.


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