aprons: vintage and modern retro

I’m trying to reduce my stash of fabric this year and put it to use for good causes and good people.

My friend and her mom recently moved in a new house and I wanted to make them a house-warming gift. I decided to make them a couple of aprons from my vintage sheet stash. The first apron, for my friend Amanda, was made from a vintage pillowcase I thrifted last summer. I’d already made a pillowcase apron for the boyfriend out of another vintage pillowcase I found on that trip so I just copied that first apron.

I made his apron with a non-adjustable neck as he requested, but I wanted to give Amanda the option of an adjustable neckline. I thought I still had some small D-rings, but as I was making the apron I discovered I was out. I was on a roll and didn’t want to go to the store so I improvised and made a loop out of fabric. I like how it turned out and was glad I chose not to add some shiny metal hardware to distract from the soft feel of this apron.


Here’s the final product!


One down, one to go.

I made this second apron for Amanda’s mom from a vintage sheet. I used a simple pattern based on an apron I own that I’ve used before to make an apron for my aunt. This pattern is best if your fabric is a vintage sheet or a long length of fabric since the single tie is 80″ long.


I did use two layers of sheet since the fabric was a bit thin and sheer. It looks the same on both sides. Here’s a close-up of where the tie slides through on the front.


When I tried it on, I briefly considered keeping it for myself and making a different one for Amanda’s mom. Luckily I have enough of this fabric leftover to make one for myself. 🙂


Amanda said she’s started cooking more since the move, so hopefully this apron will come in handy!

I also made another apron that started out as a gift, but is now hanging in my kitchen instead.


When I started this project, I thought it would be a good fit for the intended recipient. After I finished the apron and put it on, I realized I was making it for me. (I’ve already got ideas for a different apron project for her.)

I’d bought this fabric after admiring it every time I went into Hobby Lobby for a few months. It went on clearance and, fearing it would be sold out, I bought a couple yards though I still didn’t know what its purpose would be. (I’m pretty sure I saw still being sold just a month or two ago, so I guess I didn’t need to buy it when I did…) I got my fabric together with this pattern I’d made before and after sewing on a few yards of bias tape, I had a new apron!


If anyone knows how to take a good picture of an apron not on a body or dress form, let me know!

You can see the contrast bias tape better in this picture. I’ve made view A, C, and now D. I also really like this pattern, but would have to make sure it wasn’t too cafeteria worker. Could that pattern be cute and retro or is it the muumuu of aprons? I definitely prefer the bias trim to the contrast pockets in the photo.


11 thoughts on “aprons: vintage and modern retro

  1. Hi Sarah
    It’s Sarabeth from the pouch swap. I just got my pouch yesterday and I want to say thank you so much, it is awesome. It arrived in the UK a couple of weeks ago but I wasn’t able to pick it up from the post office until today.
    My sister (aged 12) got a papercut and asked for a plaster so I gave her one of the chocolate band-aids and it cracked her up. Thanks again.


    • Thanks! When I first started crocheting, I made everyone I knew a scarf. Now that I’m back into sewing, it’s aprons that I’m making for all my friends and family!

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