dog bed cover

I’ve mentioned my friend Natalie, queen of the bargain, on the blog more than a few times. She was out trying to find some deals the day after Thanksgiving, including a bed for her dog J.R. The bed she was looking at didn’t have a removable cover and she ended up not getting it. I stashed that info away in the back of my mind and decided to make her a dog bed cover for Christmas (though it arrived several weeks into the new year).

Mailing a whole dog bed would have been a costly endeavor, so I just made the cover according to the dimensions of the bed that she gave me. I chose a light brown faux suede that was machine washable, wouldn’t attract too much fur, and could be tossed in the dryer.


The hardest part was cutting out the large rectangles evenly. From there, I just sewed (twice I believe) around the edges, trimmed the corners and left an opening to put in the velcro. I used a full length of beige velcro and attached it along the edge to make it easy to slide the bed in and out.


I know, exciting pictures, right? But here’s a cute dog!


Here’s J.R. with his new bed cover! Natalie said he was going crazy as she opened the box and was sniffing it all over (probably because the cats laid all over it as I was making the cover). Speaking of cats, here are some cat blankets you can make if you don’t have a dog, or you check out the dog blanket I made for a much smaller dog.


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