sweater hat

I’ve seen some cool sweater hats at See Kate Sew and Wunderbar but this hat was so simple it didn’t even require a sewing machine!

I’ve gotten a lot of life out of this purple cotton turtleneck. It was a bag here, and a Kindle case here. I was unraveling the rest of the sweater for yarn and decided to stop when I got to the neck. I liked the cable pattern and wanted to preserve it by turning the turtleneck section into a hat. purplesweaterhat05A

I unraveled the sweater section to the length I wanted for the hat and left a row of loops sticking out evenly around the top. (I realize it would be helpful to have a photo of this, but if you Google unraveling yarn you should be able to see what I mean. Knitters, you know what’s up if you’ve ever frogged anything.)

Then I took some of the yarn I’d unraveled, wove it through the row of loops, and cinched the top closed. I did a few passes across the center to cover the hole, tied the yarn off, and I had a wearable hat.


view from the top

It’s a bit loose and slouchy but I like it, plus it won’t totally mess up my hair if I throw it on.


This was truly a fifteen minute project. Maybe only ten. You might need to do some hand or machine sewing if you have a different kind of sweater or you need to take some of the width out around the brim. You may even be able to use an oversized sweater sleeve to make your hat.


view of the cinched inside

I love the fit and color of this hat. It’s not as warm as other hats I have, but I like the feel of the cotton on my head.


And by the way, both the hat and the blue and gray striped sweater I’m wearing were thrifted for less than $3 each!


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