flannel pajama bottoms

It’s the in-between time of year when it can be near freezing one day and near 70 the next. I’ve worn these flannel pajama pants that I made last year a few times during the cold spells. I was going to use this free Simplicity pattern to make them, but it still isn’t taped together. Instead I used this Simplicity pattern that I bought for $1. They appear to be very similar.

This was one of my first sewing projects when I got back into sewing and I bought “real” (not thrifted or yard sale vintage) fabric to make them. The fabric has pilled since then, leaving me to question the quality of Hobby Lobby’s flannel.


They were pretty easy to make, though the silhouette is far from fashionable. I untapered the leg a bit and chopped several inches off the waistband so they’d hit below my natural waist. Unfortunately, I chopped the waist down after cutting a few inches off the legs and hemming them so they’d be the right length. Like I said, it was shortly after I’d gotten back into sewing…

So I attached the bottoms of the legs back on and topstitched over the seams with the lovely bird ribbon I’d chosen for the elastic & drawstring waist. I’d wanted the ribbon to be more visible so it all worked out.


pretty bird ribbon!


scars from the leg reattachment surgery

I’m not sure if I’d make this pattern again since the shape of the pants is not really my style.

I also made a pair of sleep shorts using a cute flannel remnant that I found in my mom’s stash. It was leftover from a pair of pajamas my mom was supposed to make me in middle school. (The pieces are cut out in size 12 kids and the fabric is still pinned to the pattern pieces.)


I liked the print so I attempted to make myself a pair of pajama shorts from it. The pieces I had were too small for me and so my cousin Elizabeth profits once again. (I gave her the pair I made from a vintage sheet too since they were also a bit snug.)


I used a green flannel remnant for the waistband and the Prudent Baby sleep shorts tutorial.


I have fabric ready to make another pair of warmer weather sleep shorts for myself. Hopefully they will fit well this time!


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