blue half mitts

I had another skein of Lion Brand Jiffy in Navy left from making my awesome knit hat (the last one in this post). I thought about pairing it with some gray for a cowl, but decided on a matching pair of fingerless gloves instead. I have many simple pairs that I’ve crocheted by making a long rectangle and seaming it leaving a hole for the thumb, but I’d never knit a pair of hand warmers.

My love affair with knitting is growing and these mitts only helped. I wanted a pair with a similar pattern to the hat so I chose the relatively simple Vancouver Half-Mitts. The instructions were easy to follow; I even picked up the stitches for the thumb with relative ease. Knitting still kind of scares me, just not enough to stop me from plunging ahead and trying new techniques. I love the accomplishment and satisfaction I feel when a completed piece looks the way I’d hoped it would.

So here are the finished mitts. I’d try to keep track of the number of rows you knit if I were making these again so the two pairs would have a better chance of being symmetrical. I didn’t count rows and relied on measurements and my gloves are a little different from each other. I used a stretchy bind off at the tops for maximum hand flexibility.


They came out right, but looked kind of boring. I did choose a simple pattern to go with the hat, but these needed some flare.


I had four buttons in my stash the same color as the button I’d used on the hat; they seemed like the perfect embellishment.


The placement might be a little unusual but the buttons are visible, even with coat sleeves, and they don’t interfere with the function.


There’s more visual interest with the buttons and I like the brassy color with the blue.


I recently realized that many buttons for yarn projects can be sewn on using yarn instead of thread. I’ve started using yarn and prefer it because of the thickness and security of the attachment.


So here’s the finished set. I know the seed stitch doesn’t totally go with the (very narrow) ribbing, but the styles are similar. Next time I’ll try a fingerless glove pattern with some interesting details that can stand on its own.


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