fleece bow scarf

I was immediately drawn to this bow scarf from Ruffles and Stuff and knew I had to make it. (Side note: The bow scarf how-to pics are the reason I dug my flower pins out of the craft stuff at my mom’s house over the holidays.)

I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to find scarves at a dollar store so I was going to use some long pieces of fleece for the project. I mulled this over for a couple months trying to decide what kind of fleece I wanted (while working on other projects of course!). One morning, I put on a plain fleece scarf that I rarely wear anymore, and I knew I had my material. The scarf was thin and not up to par with my many softer, plusher knit and crocheted scarves, but refashioning it would give it a new life. Shortly thereafter, I cut the scarf in half and whipped this project up in no time at all.


I calculated the length of the loops and the spaces in between so my bows would be evenly spaced cause I’m precise like that (and it would have driven me crazy otherwise). I hid the seam where I attached the two pieces of scarf together by making it the center of the middle bow. Then I just used the cut off fringe to tie a good knot around the centers of the bows and it was done!


I’m not a big bow person and couldn’t see myself wearing it, so I sent it off to my younger cousin Rebecca. She really liked it (and so did my aunt!) which is nice because I imagine that one day it won’t be “cool” for her to wear stuff her older cousin made. But until then, she’ll be getting random stuff in the mail. 🙂


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