sweet pouch swap: a bit of Paris off to London

Edit: I found a couple more photos to add into the mix.

I had lots of ideas about how to make the pouch for my swap partner for the sweet pouch swap mentioned in my last post. After mulling over my options over for a few weeks, I decided it was better to actually make a pouch than to just have lots of ideas.

I started by ordering this fabric, my first purchase from fabric.com. My partner had mentioned that she really enjoyed a recent trip to Paris so I used that as my theme. The print was larger than I’d imagined so I added a couple of inches to the bottom of this curved zipper top pouch pattern from Simple Simon & Company so some of the larger pattern elements would be shown in their entirety.


I ended up adding the pink at the bottom because I liked the length of the black canvas and satin I’d pieced together for the outside. I’d intended to cut the outside down to match the length of the inside patterned piece, but ended up lengthening the inside instead. I knew I wanted to make the pouch fold over and button so I wanted there to be enough fabric to work with.


I cut out an Eiffel Tower and zig-zag stitched around a few times to applique it on the front. I did debate leaving it off and I’m not sure why I did because I think the pouch would look boring without it.


My zipper gave me a bit of an issue so I hand-stitched at the ends to fix it up. It might have been the satin (or just the seamstress), but it was a bit wonky. I added a canvas square with finished edges (that I forgot to get a picture of just found a picture of) to hide where I sewed the cord to the pouch and finished it off with a faceted black button.



I added some candy selections from the local chocolate store. I couldn’t pass by the novelty of these chocolate band-aids and threw in some bourbon cherries since bourbon is a Kentucky specialty. I sampled one at the store and they are pretty strong!


Jelly Belly jellybeans are one of my favorite things and the chocolate roll of film completed the package since I’m “photo”sarah. (I also threw in a mug cozy; I’ve been obsessed with making these for everyone I know and will blog about them soon.)



Here’s the whole package. Chocolate and sweets, a card I made, a mug cozy, and a bit of the Paris fabric.

I’m always nervous sending people things through the mail but it’s out of my hands now and up to the USPS and Royal Mail to get it where it needs to go. Hopefully my partner will like it!


3 thoughts on “sweet pouch swap: a bit of Paris off to London

  1. Amanda says:

    This is so cool. Love your pouch and the idea of a swap- really would like to get involved eventually. i just bought my sewing table this weekend so I’m running out of excuses for putting off learning to sew. It will happen!!

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