sweet pouch swap: mail from Wales

It had been a long day at work and I was about to go buy some chocolates and candy for my pouch swap partner. (I signed up for this pouch swap hosted by Roslyn at Sew Delicious.) That same afternoon I got this pink pouch in the mail. My first thought was I’ve already received all the random items I’d ordered online lately in the mail. Then I noticed the post mark.


I definitely hadn’t ordered anything from Wales! Then I started getting excited because I was pretty sure the package was from my pouch swap partner!


This was my first in-person experience with washi tape. Good stuff!


This chocolate bar made me certain that my package was from Wales. My partner mentions in her post about the pouch that the chocolate is a bit touristy, but since I’ve never been a tourist in Wales I was more than happy to receive it!


This was my first view of the pouch. I love the stitching down the back and found it funny that she chose the same stitch I used on the crochet hook roll I made for my grandmother. This was my first in-person look at linen as well.

And my pouch was filled with even more candy!


I’ve tried 1, 3, 5, and 6 so far and they have all been tasty! I haven’t tried much from Cadbury apart from the creme eggs (which should be coming to stores soon!!) so I’m enjoying some other Cadbury items.


And here’s the front. I love the colors, the buttons, the topstitching, all of it! My partner wrote that she hoped I didn’t mind her using patterned fabric. I’d said in my “about me” blurb that I wasn’t crazy about prints (which was something I only realized as I was writing my “about me” brief for the swap. Not all prints mind you, but I tend to stick more with solids and simple prints. Except when I fall for fabric like this.) But I love the colors of this print and the subtle dots and, most of all, the blue.

I was also introduced to Cath Kidston fabrics (featured on the front panel and the too cute zipper ends), which I’d never heard of before. I probably never would have chosen this fabric for myself, but that’s the fun of this type of exchange. And I also enjoyed reading about my partner’s process on her blog, which I found through the sweet pouch inspiration Pinterest board when I was scrolling through later that evening and recognized the photo of my pouch.

I’m so happy with everything I received and it tickles me to have something someone else made for me in my home. I can’t wait to sign up for another event like this! (I’m sending my pouch to England tomorrow and will post it up on the blog soon.)


4 thoughts on “sweet pouch swap: mail from Wales

  1. Glad you like it 🙂 It looks like it had a fairly bumpy journey if that chocolate is anything to go by with all it’s cracks! I hope you play a tune on your melody pop when you get there 🙂

  2. hi Sarah, I clicked across from your comment on our blog – so happy I could find you here, as I couldn’t reply to your comment by email as you are a ‘no reply blogger’. (I was too and didn’t realise until I changed it).

    Thanks so much for your comment on the sweet pouch I made for Ros’ swap. I’m in Australia, but buy pretty much all my fabric online from the USA – mainly Hawthorne Threads, Fat Quarter Shop, Fabricworm, Sew Mama Sew, Pink Castle but also quite a few on Etsy – but mainly Blije Olifantje, Miss Matatabi, Sew me a Song. I also love Spoonflower if I’m looking for something a little different.

    The pouch you got in the swap is so sweet, I love the stitching details and the buttons. Really pretty. And I love the stash of chocolates you got! I am posting my swap package off today, mine’s headed to the USA. take care, Catherine

    • Thank you for replying! I use a few different formats for comments so I’m not sure what happened there… I mailed my pouch off a few days ago so fingers crossed both of ours arrive at their intended destination!

      The pillows you just posted on your blog are amazeballs! I will have to check out your fabric sources for some fabulous colorful prints and make a fun project!

  3. I read about this pouch before and I am happy for you that you already got your. I can’t wait for mine pouch to come to my place. This time I sent out my pouch so early that now I have a lot of ideas how to improve my next pouch for swap. Just wanted to say that I think you got great pouch and great sweets. Both are really great 🙂

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