crochet socks

I wanted to crochet a pair of socks. I’m still planning to make a pair using sock yarn, but I found this pattern using bulky yarn (which I had left over) and figured I’d give it a try.


I can’t believe I’m making a sock! and it even looks like a sock!

I used what was left of a skein of Homespun in Tudor and a small bit of Deco for the contrast. I liked the way the contrast looks, but it was also necessary as I ran out of the first color of yarn.


I went back and shortened the top so I could get a decent height on both socks.

The socks worked up quickly, though I’d recommend wearing them over other socks or tights. The double crochet rows leave them a bit airy to wear alone.


They didn’t take long at all to work up and the directions were easy to understand. Even putting in the heel was fairly simple.


I did take out a few stitches around the toe to give the socks a more snug fit. They were a little loose when I tried the pattern as written.


And they even came out fairly symmetrical! I’m planning to make at least one more pair for myself, and maybe a pair or two for others. My next pair will go all the way to the knee and should give me a better fit with my boots that are 1/2 a size too big. I’m wearing them around the house today since it’s back to cold and snowing from the mid-week highs in the upper 60s.


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