aprons for every occasion

Or at least aprons for two occasions. I made both my brother and his wife aprons for Christmas.

Matt’s had dachshund accent fabric and Jessica’s had colorful cotton duck to break up the black. I bought the dachshund fabric back in the summer to make Matt a grilling apron, but never got around to buying the canvas. I already knew I wanted to make Jess a gardening apron and had enough of the black canvas leftover to make her apron coordinate with her husband’s. (I made her a cooking apron previously.)

I used this tutorial from Sew Mama Sew for the gardening apron. It took a little bit of thinking on my part to figure out the directions, but it really wasn’t hard to make once I thought through the process. For the cooking apron, I used view B of a basic apron pattern from McCalls, eliminating the upper pocket and using the contrast for the ties and the front pocket.


This picture was taken on their anniversary last month. These crazy kids have been married for one year already (as of December 30)!  And don’t they look cute? This was after we all went out to eat at the restaurant where they had their reception.

And then after cake at Jess’s family’s house I convinced them to put on their aprons so I could get a photo for my blog. 🙂 So thanks for cooperating you two, and congrats again on year one!


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