green sweater tote (x2!)

I made my friends Kendra and Amanda green sweater bags for Christmas. I didn’t get a chance to give Amanda her bag until halfway into January, but now I’m free to post it without ruining the surprise.

I had a green sweater that I’d thrifted before I moved and another one joined my stash from Amanda’s Goodwill donations. I went in different directions with the lining fabric and ribbon handles for each bag, but made them the same way as my purple and yellow sweater totes that have been so popular on Pinterest.

I used an XS green sweater to make a bag for my friend and former roommate Kendra. The lining is a vintage sheet also thrifted before I moved and the ribbon I got at the Hancock Fabrics down the road. The sweater and sheet were both purchased back in my thrift-heavy days; I’m trying to deplete my stash. (Kendra is moving onward and upward from the place we both worked thus the significance of the items being from the town we used to live in.)



a better peek at the vintage sheet lining

I let the size of the sweaters dictate the size of the bag so I can get the most fabric out of the sweaters; Kendra’s was narrower than Amanda’s because of the size of the sweater I used.

I went through Amanda’s Goodwill donations a few months ago and told her she might be getting a few of her items back after I refashioned them. (She’s also benefited from my Goodwill stash so it really works out for us!) This sweater is the first of the items I’m repurposing for her.

I used a remnant from my stash to lighten up the kelly green sweater and added some colorful striped ribbon handles.



I was originally going to use brown ribbons on the second bag and the striped ribbons on the first bag, but I think they ended up where they should have.

Both girls liked their bags and I got rid of a bit of my stash. Once I get some more batting, I see at least one more sweater bag on the horizon. And when the weather warms up, my button-down shirt bags will be making an appearance. I’m looking forward to seeing what else I can do with some button-down refashions this year. (It’s one of my goals on my still yet-to-be-published 2013 goals post!)


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