bias tape fleece blankets and snow globes

I’ve still got a number of Christmas presents to post and I’m hoping to get all of them on the blog by the end of January.

I immediately made note of these fleece blankets when they were posted at See Kate Sew because they looked so much classier than traditional tied fleece blankets. I decided to make two of them for Christmas presents.

The first I made for my brother and sister-in-law, and the second one was for my boyfriend’s sister and her husband. I’d intended them to be dog blankets, but people seemed unwilling to give them to the dogs saying, “This is too nice for my dog.”


I apologize for the awful pictures of the blankets. I choose to blame it on my pre-Christmas craft rush.

I really liked this colors and pattern of this fleece I found at JoAnn’s and thought my sister-in-law would too. I used quilt binding instead of bias tape for my first blanket but the thicker width made it harder to bend around the curves.


I sewed this blanket on my mom’s old Singer while I was visiting over Thanksgiving. She’s had it for quite some time and it can’t be beat for sewing straight lines. I did have to remember how to use it though.


My mom’s craft room has four windows and two skylights. Even on a cloudy day there’s natural light.


I love the colored illustrations for the different stitches.

The fleece for the second blanket was an easy choice. Both Barret’s sister and her husband went to the University of Kentucky and are avid UK fans. Since I live in Lexington, it was easy to find some UK fleece. That and a couple packs of bias tape and I had a new blanket for them.


These made great Christmas presents and were fairly simple to put together.

I also made a snow globe for my sister-in-law (at the Pinterest party with Lindsay). I saw a number of these projects on Pinterest, but decided to leave the water part out. It avoids a potential leak and the need to buy anything extra like glycerin. All you need is a jar, some fake snow, glue, and whatever decorations you want to add in. I used a pack of trees from the doll house section at Hobby Lobby and a jar left over from my boyfriend’s grandmother’s canned green beans. My confetti-like snow stuck to the sides of the jar when I shook it.


I also made a snow globe for myself. It was my only Christmas decoration this year aside from a wreath on my front door.


We visited family for the holidays and my apartment is so small that there wasn’t any room for a tree. My Christmas bunting project didn’t get finished (or started), but I’m hoping to make it this month so I’ll already have it for next year. One advantage of not decorating for Christmas is not having to take any Christmas decorations down!


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