yellow and red striped knit hat

My brother Andrew requested a red and yellow striped hat when we were at my parents’ house for Thanksgiving. He said one of his friends had told him red and yellow don’t go together and he wanted to prove him wrong. I was happy to oblige. He goes to school in upstate New York where he does a lot of outdoor activities (ice and rock climbing, skiing, etc.) so I knew the hat would get worn and be well worth the effort.

He was particular about the pattern (no ribbing or pom poms) and the colors. We settled on Lion Wool in Scarlet and Lion Cotton in Sunflower after he rejected a few dozen other colors. I wasn’t sure about using the wool and cotton together, but since they were the same weight I went ahead with it. I used this hat pattern from Nobleknits because of its simplicity.


My first attempt was too big. My boyfriend could pinch a few inches out of the hat band as he was trying it on for size and both he and my brother have larger than average heads so I knew I had to size down. I used size 8 needles instead of 7 since that’s what I had, and ended up reducing the beginning stitches to 72 which is the size suggested for a child’s hat. I think I could have reduced the height from 7″ to ~6″ as well.


A bit of bunching on the back side of the hat.

I started the first attempt with a row of cotton, but for the second attempt I started with the wool since it was stretchier. The edges curled a little so I added a crocheted row on the edge with a G hook to straighten it out.

The hat didn’t take very long to work up; I finished the hat on the five-hour drive back home after getting just a few rows done for size at my parents’ house. (I could have finished it easily while there, but I was focused on other projects.) I alternated colors every four rows and carried the yarn through on the inside. The color scheme reminds me of Harry Potter’s scarf.


Andrew modeling his new hat via my brother’s phone. He has the brim rolled up.

I mailed the hat back to my parents the next day so it would reach my brother in time for him to take it skiing in the Adirondacks. A lot of his outdoor gear is red, orange, or yellow so it goes with just about everything!

Here’s a picture of my brothers and I heading out to enjoy the snow over Christmas vacation. Note Andrew’s red/orange/yellow gear.


I crocheted my hat and will eventually get around to photographing/posting it.

Hope everyone had a merry Christmas and a good break! It seems so long ago and I only left last week.


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