2012 wrap-up: top posts

I started my blog at the beginning of March 2012. I’ll be excited to celebrate my blog-versary in a couple months, but here’s a quick look at my first 10 months of blogging. By the way, this is my 100th post!

My sweater bag post went viral on Pinterest and became my top post of 2012. About 1/4 of my blog views came from people looking at that post.


The best moment was when my friend logged into her Pinterest account one day and recognized the bag I’d made for her in her feed. She posted this on my Facebook.

pinterest shoutout

My other sweater post was the fifth most popular. I made a tote bag for my mom and a sweater clutch for my sister-in-law.


My mom uses this bag to carry her music to and from church since she is a cantor who also sings in the choir. One day a woman she didn’t know complimented her bag. My mom replied, “My daughter made this for me out a sweater and a bed sheet!” I would have liked to see the look on that woman’s face. 🙂 Both items were from a thrift store I might add!

This clutch I made for Jess is super simple, but looks classy because of the design of the sweater.


The reversible bag I made from a thrifted shirt was fourth most popular. This one I kept for myself.


This was my other version of this pattern.


The Market Hexagon Bag was my third most viewed and one of the top searches that brought people to my blog.


I love these colors together and have used them lately for pom-pom garlands.

I also used the same colors for the moon water clutch. I haven’t used it at all since I finished it, but I enjoyed trying out something new. The search term “crochet clutch” lead a number of people to the blog so apparently it’s something people are looking for.


I liked the moon water clutch better than the other crocheted clutch I tried out. I donated that one to a charity auction, but it didn’t raise much money. Oh well. It was another experiment piece.

My second most popular post was another donation to the auction. I made these peasant dresses and diaper covers to benefit Love Without Boundaries. Both are made from thrifted sheets.


So here’s my top five for this year, in order this time:

1) yellow sweater bag

2) diaper covers and peasant dresses

3) crochet hexagon market bag

4) reversible bag from thrifted shirt

5) tote and clutch from upcycled sweaters

A lot of my posts this year have been experiments. Some were successful, and others are no longer with me. My next post will feature some of my favorites and what I’ve learned this year as I got back into crafting and started blogging.


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