sequin ball ornaments

I saw this idea for Christmas ornaments on Pinterest and immediately knew I wanted to try them out.


Lindsay gets “assistance” from Tyson

Lindsay and I bought the supplies (styrofoam balls, pins, and sequins) at Hobby Lobby for our Pinterest party. You also need a piece of ribbon or something to attach as a hanger on top.

Here’s Lindsay holding her finished ornament.


The sequin balls aren’t hard to make but they do take some time and a lot of pins. Make sure you get a big enough styrofoam ball so the pins won’t go all the way through the ball and out the other side.

I used dressmaker pins because that’s what was available at Hobby Lobby. There are also sequin pins available that are shorter. (If you are planning to make a whole tree of ornaments, you can get a half pound box of 6000 pins for just $12.50 here! *not an endorsement, just something interesting found during a Google search)

Here was my first one.


I used larger sequins than Lindsay and though I liked the look of hers, I think mine took less time to cover. My ornament was kind of heavy because of the weight of all the pins, and using larger sequins reduces the number of pins you’ll need.

I used a strip of glittery felt for the top bit on the white, silver, and pink one, which I gave to the director at my work along with the scarf I knitted for her.


After making the first ornament, I was still on a sequin kick. I made a second ornament using coppery sequins for my boyfriend’s mom. It just so happened that my cat Jackson broke an ornament (as he was jumping off the stairs very close to the tree) while we were at their house. Luckily, I already had a replacement as part of her Christmas present!

I forgot I even had this chiffony ribbon in my stash; it went perfectly with the ornament. When I was close to finishing the sequin ball, I attached the ribbon with a few strategically placed pins and sequins, then covered the rest of the ball making sure the pins I placed were securing the ribbon.

I really like the look of these ornaments and will be making them again for sure. The process is relaxing, even though it takes awhile.


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