pom pom garlands

It’s not to late to whip up a pom pom garland for your New Year’s Eve decorations. All you need is some yarn and a pom pom maker (or something else that you can use as a pom pom maker). This is one of the projects I made during my Christmas Pinterest Saturday with Lindsay. My inspiration came from here, but I think those pom poms are larger than mine.

I hadn’t used the Lion Brand pom pom makers I’d bought awhile ago; this garland was a perfect opportunity to give them a whirl. (My colors are reversed and yellow is the largest size.)multipompomgarland04A

I used leftover yarn from my bag projects to test out this garland. For the cord, I braided three strands of white yarn.


I made fifteen pom poms, five each in three colors, and tied them on to the braid because it was too thick to easily thread through the centers of the pom poms.


The finished project looks like this.


This garland is going to my cousin Elizabeth. She has five brothers, so I like giving her girly things.

After my first garland, I made a second one for my former roommate. She’s moving to start a new job in a couple weeks so I wanted to give her something fun for her new place.


Her favorite color is green and I liked the combo with the purple. I wanted a thicker base strand, so I just threaded two pieces of yarn together through the centers.


And here’s one of my Christmas present projects. I made this apron for my boyfriend’s mom for Christmas. He picked out the fabric and I put it together using view A of McCall’s Easy Stitch’n Save M5366. I sewed the apron ties by ironing the edges under instead of sewing them inside out and turning them to the right side. The ties are pretty skinny so it would have been hard to turn them.


I really like the fabric the boyfriend picked out. There were some issues with the second pocket so I only used the one pocket that turned out nicely. Here’s a close up so you can tell where the pocket is and see the fabric detail.


Christmas break has been great so far and I’ve still got more to go! We just got back from visiting my boyfriend’s parents and will be leaving for my parents’ house tomorrow.


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