deck the walls

These could be thrown together quickly for a last-minute Christmas present, or used to deck your walls at any time of the year. The first is an earring display and the second is a way to display prints.

I made this earring screen a couple years ago. (Sadly the screen and about 50% of these earrings were lost in the fire.) You need a picture frame and a piece of mesh screen slightly larger than the inside of your frame. Press the wire into the screen (careful, it’s pointy!) and then use a strong glue to keep the wire in the frame. Trimming the screen was the most challenging part because there were tiny bits of metal going everywhere; I’d advise working in an area that’s easy to sweep up. If your wire is fine, you can just use sharp scissors. You could attach a picture hanger if there isn’t one already on your frame, or use nails in the corners of the back of the frame. Add some pretty earrings and you have a piece of functional wall art!

I wouldn’t use a bigger frame than this one, which I believe was around 11×17″. If you went bigger, the screen wouldn’t have enough support in the middle.

Here’s another project. I bought these prints from the Dreamery Studio a few years ago and wasn’t sure how to display them due to their irregular size. I went to my scrapbook paper stash and got four different shades of green paper.

Simple. I’d bought these four prints to represent different interests: camera- photography, palm tree- beach/study abroad in Costa Rica, sewing machine- duh!, Aztec calendar- study abroad/speaking Spanish. I liked how the colors made each one unique but also tied them all together. Here’s how they looked on the wall at my old place.

There wasn’t a good place for these prints in my new place, but in my current place I backed this print with paper. It’s my favorite print that I own (bought from The Wheatfield Etsy shop). I just love the colors and the phrase. I trimmed the print a little on top and bottom and added bright blue art paper to display it in this silver frame. Matting just seems overly complicated and costly to me, and the colors at my local stores were more limited than the colors of paper available.



As the rest of my gifts are distributed, there will be more posts. I’ll try to get pictures of my many pairs of fingerless gloves with matching hat and/or scarf up soon too. It just hasn’t been very cold lately, so they’ve been sitting in boxes waiting for real winter weather.


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