add some sparkle to your holidays

My last day of work was last Friday. After a busy, fun-filled weekend, I’ve devoted this week to working on projects for my friends and family and myself. I can’t share most of them yet since they’re going to be Christmas presents and I don’t want to spoil the surprise. (This includes the projects I promised in my last post from mine and Lindsay’s Pinterest Christmas get-together.) But here’s one project I finished last night for myself and another I already gave in a gift exchange.


Project One: Sequin and Bead Embellished Shirt

I’ve been on a sequin kick since I found a plastic container full of all different colors and sizes at last month’s yard sale. The idea for this shirt came from my newly developed sequin addiction and an overwhelming number of plain shirts. I had to take in the shirt anyway, so I went ahead and added some sequins and beads on the shoulders to make it more exciting.


I sewed tiny clear beads into the center of each sequin to secure it and used an embroidery hoop to stabilize the shirt while I was hand-sewing.


I don’t consider myself a glitzy person, but this embellishment appeals to me. Maybe it’s just that time of year.


Project Two: Angora Merino Lace Scarf

This next project follows the color trend I set above. I knit this scarf for the gift exchange at work. It took me longer than expected, but I felt a nice sense of accomplishment when it was done. I used this angora lace scarf pattern from Lion Brand and ordered the recommended yarn for the pattern (angora merino yarn in Sangria) when they had free shipping on Black Friday. I used the uncorrected version of the pattern because I’d printed it out a year or two ago.marilynscarf01A

This scarf didn’t look that great when I was working on it. It kept curling up so I couldn’t tell if the pattern looked like it was supposed to and I kept screwing it up and having to rip out rows. This is the first thing I’ve blocked and I was nervous about it. I soaked it, wrapped it in a towel, and then steamed it with a press cloth since it still wasn’t dry the next day. In the end, it laid flat and looked as good as I could have had hoped.


The original pattern called for a 42″ scarf. I ended up with 80 inches. It kept looking too short, but in the end it might have been a bit on the long side. Oh well.

I picked the director out of the hat for our gift exchange and was a bit intimidated with having to get her a present since I’ve only been working there a few months. I shouldn’t have worried; she really liked her gift!

In the gift exchange I got a skein of yarn, a new crochet hook (miraculously, in a size I didn’t have already!), and a gift card to Hancock Fabrics. I’m getting a reputation as a crafter at work. My handmade scarves and fingerless gloves on the playground give me away, as well as my knitting and crocheting at nap time. One of my co-workers even said she wished I’d picked her in the gift exchange because she wanted something I’d made!

I hope everyone’s having luck finishing up their handmade gifts! For my next post I’m digging into the archives to share a couple of projects/gifts that can be hung on the wall.


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