early Christmas with Lindsay

My friend Lindsay and I got together yesterday and had a Pinterest Christmas decoration party of sorts. It was kind of like a craft invasion since I suggested it and then took over her apartment with my craft supplies. 🙂 She’s more athletic than crafty, but I think she had a good time at our marathon session. We got quite a few finished projects out of it that I’ll be sharing in my next post (after I finish them up!).

For today’s post, I’m sharing what I made Lindsay for Christmas. I’ve been working like an elf to make all my Christmas gifts, but I can’t post the ones I’ve finished here since my friends and family are blog readers. Lindsay and I just exchanged gifts, so here’s what she got. (She got me a gift certificate to a local craft store that I’ve been meaning to check out. Thanks Lindsay!)

I started off with a blanket for her adorable Papillon, Tyson. To start, I made a larger version of my cat blankets. (Fun fact: her dog weighs less than either of my cats.) I decided to add some detail by quilting diagonal lines across the whole thing using the handy measurement guide for my walking foot.


I toyed with the idea of just doing a handful of diagonal lines from corner to corner, but worried that it looked unfinished. I might try this look on something else.


I ended up stitching diagonal lines across the whole blanket. I want to try intersecting diagonal lines that cover the whole thing with diamonds, but I didn’t think it would work out on this piece.


Fleece doesn’t quilt very easily since it likes to move and stretch, but I think it turned out okay.


Tyson on his new blanket

A few weeks ago we were at a friend’s house together and Lindsay said she liked the shape of my zig-zag sling tote. I decided to make her a bag of her own using the same basic pattern.

I’ve been holding on to the idea of using this home dec weight fabric for a bag with a black satin lining. Here’s how it turned out.


The black canvas at the top was a detail that originated in problem-solving, but I think it grounded the candy-like pattern and made it a slightly more serious bag. I tried out a different pleat configuration and it didn’t look as good so I went back to the original. When I looked for a pattern for my last bag I stayed away from the ones with pleats. Now I like the look of pleats; I think they make a simple tote look more like a purse.


pleat close-up

I did use the alternate pleat configuration for the lining. I’m not crazy about having pleats on the inside, but they needed to be there because of how I cut out the pieces.


Lindsay really liked her bag! I’m excited to give out the rest of the gifts I’ve been making (though I still have quite a few to finish before Christmas…).

I’m considering making pattern pieces and a tutorial for this bag at some point in the future. (It would be my first!) I can see this being a pattern I go back to over and over again, and I mangled my psuedo-pattern making this last bag.


5 thoughts on “early Christmas with Lindsay

  1. I especially love the blanket for Tyson. Great job! I have 2 papillons & they love their fleece blankets. They also love their fleece sweaters when they go out in the cold! Stop by my shop if you want a fast & easy fleece sweater pattern to try.

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