goodwill refashions

I haven’t been thrifting very much since the move, but I did take advantage of a Friday off a few weeks ago and made a Goodwill expedition. The store was crazy that day for some reason. Everyone in the long lines was asking each other what was going on. (It was Veterans Day, but there weren’t any sales or specials.)

My goal for the trip was to find some items with long sleeves. I have lots of half or three-quarter sleeves, but few tops with sleeves that go all the way to the wrist. (Though I did get swayed by a few items with shorter sleeves…) I was also looking for items that didn’t need a lot of work to make them wearable. I have so many materials for projects I want to do that I don’t need to add anything involved to the queue. I got a few fixer-uppers and a few items I can wear as is. I’m just sharing the fixer-uppers today.

First, the quickest fix. This shirt had navy polka dots, piping, lots of detail, and the tag was still on it. The only flaw: a missing button.

shiny gray plastic buttons with a shank. no thanks.

Cue the button stash. I didn’t like the buttons anyway, so I tore them all off and replaced them with the navy buttons originally on this shirt. It’s funny how the buttons looked matronly on the navy shirt, but on this shirt with navy polka dots they looked perfect.

I only had five buttons, so for the sleeves so I used these shiny blue buttons with a shank. You can’t see the front and back of the shirt at the same time anyway.

The next item didn’t have long sleeves, but I was drawn to the colors. They remind me of summer fruits and honeydews, but the shirt started off way too big. Baggy chic doesn’t work on my frame.

I took in the arms and sides, and then a little bit around the armholes to bring the shoulders in. I also got my hair cut, so no looking baggy or shaggy!


I’m wearing this shirt right now and it’s quite comfy. I like the boatneck.

This last piece was also too roomy. (I got tired of taking before pictures.) It looked baggy, I took it in along the sleeves and the sides with both straight and zig-zag stitches to prevent unraveling, and now it’s smaller and fits well. It hits at a good length too.

I could tell it was a quality sweater with thought-out details and almost passed it by because it was a few sizes too big. I’m glad I scooped it up for $3; it’s nice and toasty. I also like the navy color, though it’s not coming across well in this photo.

I’m getting a new camera with higher ISO and hopefully better white balance coming for Christmas. So excited! My D200 has been with me through oodles of life experiences, but a lot has happened with digital camera technology in the last six years.


One thought on “goodwill refashions

  1. AHomemakersHome says:

    Love your cardi. It’s so hard to find a nice cardi anywhere, I feel like I’ve been looking for at least a year for one!

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